D.A.R.E. to be bold

Dedicated to Service
At Aegis Coffee Roasters we are not only dedicated to the service of our customers but also dedicated to those who serve. We are supporters of the lifestyle of service through our actions and our operations.

Attitude of Excellence
At Aegis Coffee Roasters we believe in exuding vibrance of our lifestyle and our commitments. Excellence will be the image of all we do. We are thoughtful and intentional.

Robust in Care
We are committed to the kind of care that costs something. The kind of care where you are not afraid to bleed for others. We live for others good. This a firm commitment that can stand the test of time. 

Engaged in Today
We will choose to be present. Every moment of every day, we will be aware of the people around us that we impact with our lives and who impact us. We don’t waste time, we don’t miss opportunities. We are fully engaged.

Lead through Service. This principle has been the driving force behind our mission in life, family and business. There is a rich heritage of service within our families that has shaped who we have become.  We have chosen careers, hobbies and volunteer efforts that have afforded us the privilege of serving others.  God has blessed us in ways that allows us to “give back.”  We have great respect for all who serve others and especially those who put themselves in “harm’s way”: fire fighters; police officers; medical first responders; military personnel; missionaries; and so many others who volunteer to step out of their comfort zone to help others.


Out of this spirit of “service” Aegis Coffee Roasters was born.  “What in the world does Aegis mean” you may ask? Well, Aegis is a regal word that represents the provision of support or benevolence to others.  We wanted to develop a business that would celebrate those who serve as well as providing a venue to benefit many in the process.  Coffee is a worldwide culture that touches so many segments of society from the poor third world farmer all the way to the cosmopolitan coffee connoisseur.  The mission of our company is to develop a business that positively impacts all along this supply-consumer chain as well as to offer direct support and recognition of those who serve.  We are “Daring People Serving Boldly!”    


Daring people, serving boldly.